Spanish Grammar the Easy Way


Don’t let the title fool you. Spanish Grammar the Easy Way doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to being thorough. It includes every grammar point you will need to know, from the most basic to the most advanced and explains them in a way that is neither overly simplified nor frustratingly technical.

Each chapter contains plenty of exercises to help you practice what you learn. Most of these are standard textbook questions that ask you to fill in the blank or form a sentence. However, there are also a lot of questions that are based off of cartoons to make practicing a little more fun.

Another way the book tries to make learning Spanish more engaging is by using a varied vocabulary. Between the examples and the exercises, the book uses over 2600 different words, all of which are included in a Spanish-English glossary in the back.

The Spanish-English glossary makes the book accessible even if you’re a beginner. Because all of the vocabulary used in the book is included, if you don’t understand a word in an exercise, you can easily look it up without having to pull out a dictionary. That way, you will be learning grammar and expanding your vocabulary at the same time.


 Even though Spanish Grammar the Easy Way includes a Spanish-English glossary, some people still complain that the exercises are difficult to understand for a beginner. This is certainly a valid point, but it’s also a point that applies to just about every Spanish grammar book in existence. Books on grammar usually assume that you have a basic Spanish vocabulary; this one is no different. Fortunately, most of the exercises in the first few chapters do not actually require you to know all of the words in order to answer them. What’s more, there are some proven techniques you can use to build a basic vocabulary fast.


Spanish Grammar the Easy Way is thorough in its coverage of Spanish grammar and provides good explanations that are easy to understand. However, the same can be said of other books on Spanish grammar. What makes this book stand out is its attempt to make learning Spanish grammar a little more fun and engaging than it ordinarily is. Like other grammar books, it has to assume at least a little knowledge of Spanish vocabulary, however even absolute beginners should be able to use it and benefit from it with a little effort.


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